Mezlan Shoe Boutique New York City

Some things are just ironic.  My grandfather and dad were had retail shoe stores in Southern California.  Many years ago there was a start up company in Irvine called Pacific Shoe Corp. that offered the Mezlan line of men’s shoes.  Our family shoe store was one of their first clients.  Fast forward a couple of decades.  The owner of Mezlan is in our Costa Mesa, CA floor covering store looking for carpet for their new shoe store in 5th Avenue in New York City.  I suggest wool since it won’t scratch the leather soles of these fine shoes.  We get to talking and I find out that the owner, Antonio Sanchez, remembers my dad.  Long story short, we get the business to ship him carpet to his New York shoe boutique.

Hemphill’s Shoes in Alhambra, CA and Newport Beach, CA enjoyed 50 plus years in business.  Hemphill’s Rugs & Carpets is beyond 20 years.  Great to be a part of the retail landscape of Southern California for over 70 years.

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